Eva Coovert

Name: Eva Coovert
Born: 1 December 1874 / Dayton, Oregon
Died: 16 December 1874 / Dayton, Oregon
Parents: Unknown

Eva Coovert died in infancy, only 15 days old.

The grave of Eva Coovert is a bit of a mystery. Previously it has been recorded that she belonged to Abram and Martha Coovert. However, there is no known proof of her parentage.

It is unlikely, though not impossible, that Abram and Martha were Eva Coovert’s biological parents due to their ages at the time of her birth. Abram would have been 55 and Martha 52. The baby, probably more likely, could have been the youngest child of Johnson E. Coovert and Elizabeth Fudge Coovert Robertson; Johnson was 44 and Elizabeth 36 at the time.  Her grave is located next to Johnson’s and Elizabeth’s, further supporting the theory that she was their child.

There were other Cooverts living in the Webfoot/Dayton/Yamhill County area during this time period that also could have been the parents of the deceased baby.  So far, however, there are no known records to prove any of these relationships.

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