Samuel Angel

Name: Samuel Angell
Born: 20 March 1818 / Wayne County, Indiana
Died: 30 May 1856 / Dayton, Oregon
Parents: Benjamin D. Angell & Elizabeth Odell
Relatives: Nephew of John Odell
Arrived in Ore.: September 1849
DLC: OC 0919 / 321.38 acres

Noble in Righteousness

Samuel was born on the 20th of March, 1818, in Wayne County, Indiana. His mother, Elizabeth Odell, was the eldest sibling of John Odell,, founder of the Odell Pioneer Cemetery and Ebenezer Chapel. Samuel was the second child born to the Angell family. His father moved the family from Wayne County, Indiana, to the sparsely populated Deer Creek Township, Indiana, in January 1825. They were one of the first white families in the area. Unfortunately, in the fall of 1825, Samuel Angell’s father died, leaving his wife Elizabeth with five children including 7-year-old Samuel.

Elizabeth and the children lived with the Odell family until her death in 1840, after which her brother John Odell was given legal guardianship of the Angell children.

Samuel emigrated to Oregon in 1849, three years ahead of the Odell family.  He settled in the Dayton Area on a Donation Land Claim of 321.38 acres located at what is now the intersection of Wallace and Fairview Roads.

“During the long summer of 1849 there was an unbroken line of wagons reaching from horizon to horizon.  Cholera, scurvy, dysentry, accident, thirst, hunger, fatigue, Indian attack, quarrels, discouragement and other ills plagued these trains.  As in other years, all of these obstacles were offset by the hope for a better future in the form of gold or land. The majority of this endless line of humanity was aimed toward the promise of gold and riches in California.  It was estimated that over 35,000 individuals took part in this great overland migration.  Of these, only a very few turned off for Oregon.”

– Stephenie Flora, Emigrants to Oregon in 1849

Samuel died in 1856, at the age of 38.  His grave has the largest headstone in the Odell Pioneer Cemetery.

“Samuel Angel was born in Wayne county, Indiana. October 4, 1818, and with his father, B. D. Angel, came to this county, in 1825. In the year 1849, he, with others, went to Oregon territory, where he remained until his death, which occurred on May 27, 1856. He was never married. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.”

– History of Carroll County, Indiana, p. 147

Note: Samuel Angell’s family name was spelled with two “L’s” prior to his death. It is unclear when or why the second “L” was dropped on his tombstone.

Tombstone inscription:

“Noble in Righteousness”

Photo: © Gods Art Photography

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