Welcome to the Odell Pioneer Cemetery and Ebenezer Chapel

The Odell Pioneer Cemetery & Ebenezer Chapel is a listed Historic Cemetery recorded with the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries.

In 1856, pioneers John and Sarah Holman Odell sectioned off a portion of their Donation Land Claim to build a cemetery and chapel. The first documented burial occurred at the Odell Pioneer Cemetery in 1856, and the first chapel was built in 1857.   After the original chapel caught fire, prominent early Oregonian William Holman Odell commissioned a new chapel to be built in honor of his parents, John and Sarah.  The chapel, which survives today, was completed in 1926.

The number of people interred in the Odell Pioneer Cemetery is unknown. Some earlier reports suggest more than 100 burials in the small cemetery, but currently only 47 graves are confirmed: 35 marked graves and 12 unmarked graves.  Further investigation and research will hopefully lead to a clearer picture as to exactly how many people were interred in the Odell Pioneer Cemetery.

We have been diligently researching the history of the cemetery and chapel as well as the lives of the 47 people confirmed to be interred (as well as two unconfirmed burials). Our graves page features biographies of all 47 burials. This is an ongoing research project, and are actively seeking more material that can help add greater depth to our biographies and the history of the cemetery and chapel. For more information about how you can help contribute to our research project, please send us an email.